My name is Justin Oltesvig and I am an award winning illustrator who has been freelancing for nearly 10 years, and have also worked professionally as an Art Director and Photographer.  I try to incorporate each of these disciplines into my ever-evolving illustrations. I maintain hand-drawn illustrations the old fashioned way with pen and ink, then scan and color on the computer. This gives my artwork an organic feel with the ease of a digital file. I've slowly been drawing completely digitally and am still learning it's limitations and characteristics. The emotion evoked by my imagery is what pushes me forward.

Whimsical meets Rock and Roll.

I have predominately worked in the music industry (Reggae, Rock & HipHop), but have also worked closely with the surf & paddleboard communities, hot rod & lowrider car culture and skateboarding industries.

I am originally from Detroit, but I have lived in Chicago, Indiana, North Carolina, and Miami, Florida. I also lived a short time in Recife, Brazil. I now call Oakland, California my home. I am currently freelancing, but am open to in-house opportunities, teaching, and art licensing.


BFA in Design from UNC at Greensboro, NC

MFA in Illustration from Academy of Art, San Francisco


Art and English. Recife, Brazil '07-'08

Design and Photography. Miami, Florida 2009

Fine Art Fundamentals. San Francisco, California 2018 


Gold Ink Award: Silver Medal, Printing Impressions Magazine 2012

Academy of Art Directors' Choice (William Maughan): MFA Illustration Award, 2018

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